Petting zoo

Our rabbits, cats and goats…

... all of our animals look forward to visitors who treat them nicely and with care.

Our indoor petting zoo is situated on the upper level of our horse stable and is even heated when it is cold out. This means everyone will be happy and feel comfortable!

Book your family holiday at the 4*S Family Resort Ellmauhof and discover the adventure farm and its cuddly inhabitants together in the petting zoo.

You will also find the following at the Ellmauhof petting zoo:

  • An original farmhouse in which to play
  • Slide
  • Sandpit
  • Wall toys


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nature up close
Petting zoo

Information about our petting zoo

  • Open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Please remember that animals have their own lives and sometimes need a bit of privacy, just like you
  • Please feed animals only grass and clover!

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