Swimming Lessons
for Babies & Kids

In the indoor pool at the Ellmauhof Family Resort!

In Swimming lessons are offered by the Fred's Swim Academy swimming school with Steffi Müllauer-Hahn and Reka Dobruczky. Your little ones can learn about safety with and in the water or how to swim – everything is possible thanks to Fred's Swim Academy at the Ellmauhof.

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Fun in the water and encouraging movement are the focus of baby swimming. You will learn important and, above all, safe grips and holding techniques and will see how your baby takes advantage of the great opportunity to move in the water. The experience of doing something together and intense body contact will strengthen the relationship between you and your baby.

Baby swimming lessons allow infants the opportunity to move in a stadium which is not possible on land. Water offers a three-dimensionality and freedom of movement that is not possible for infants on land.

Swimming class from Monday – Friday (each appointment approx. 25 minutes)
€ 50,-
Unit (approx. 25 minutes)
€ 20,-


Becoming familiar with the water and fun games and exercises in the pool excite kids at this age. This class is the perfect preparation for learning how to swim. The focus of this class is on exercises for jumping, diving, gliding, floating and playing. Swimming for young children should not be understood in the traditional sense of "swimming", but rather as preparation.

Swimming class from Monday – Friday (each appointment approx. 25 minutes)
€ 50,-
Unit (approx. 25 minutes)
€ 20,-
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Learn to swim
in a fun way
Freds Swim Academy


Swimming for kids aged 4 and up (without parents)

When they are about 4 years old, most children are ready to properly learn how to swim. This swimming class consists of 5 lessons.

This class teaches children the basics of breaststroke in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Swimming class from Monday – Friday (each lesson approx. 45 minutes)
€ 95,-
Unit (approx. 45 minutes)
€ 25,-

Private lessons

Price per unit

Private lessons for babies and children aged 3 or younger
€ 31,-
Private lesson for kids from 4 years - price per session
€ 55,-

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