General riding information

during riding vacation in Austria

All of our riding friends receive a questionnaire in advance about riding ability in order to establish the correct riding level, the best possible progress and the most apprpriate course for the rider. The questionnaire about riding ability should be handed in at the reception by 4 pm on sunday. 

1. All riding lessons (group lessons) last 50 minutes and arer structured as follows:
     • indpendend adjustment of stirrups & mounting
     • Solution phase (prepare & warm up)
     • Work phase (learning & practising)
     • Recovery phase (relaxing, cool down)

 2. Pony walks last 25 or 50 min.
     • Including mounting and adjusting stirrups!


1. Long trousers all weather conditions (no dresses, skirts etc. ...)
2. Sturdy, preferably ankle-high shoes with sturdy soles (no half-open shoes, sandals, flip-flops or ballerinas) when riding and in the stables
3. Warm clothing and riding gloves in spring and autumn
4. Tight-fitting outerwear (so that nothing flutters - scaring the horses)
5. T-shirts, no tops, jackets must be closed
6. Shoulder-length hair must be tied in a braid
7. Helmets must be worn at all times, no bicycle helmets (for a fee you can rent one)
8. Safety vests are always available at the reception (for a fee)
9. Don't forget rainwear in case of bad weather.

Send us your request or book directly your vacation at the 4*S Family Resort Ellmauhof .


At the reception we rent riding helmets and protective vests,
tested according to the valid European standard:
Riding helmet for 1 day       € 4,00
Protective vest for 1 day      € 8,00

Please note that a riding helmet must be worn during lessons in our school! A bicycle helmet does not comply with the safety norm. Back protector compulsory for all riding lessons with canter up the age of 18.


Several times a week our ponies Moritz and Luggi are waiting for all riding enthusiasts (or all little horse fans or all little riders) from about 1 to 7 years.

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General riding information

Riding courses

The INSTRUCTOR allocaters riders to the appropriate course (depending on ability) and horse. The stated divisions of lessons cannot be changed.

• The course sheet for the entire week with the daily riding appointments will be brought directly to your table in the restaurant on Sunday evening.
• Open questions about the riding course will be gladly discussed on Sunday from 16:00 in the Rösslstube in the riding stable.
• The riding lessons in the course are divided into morning and afternoon sessions due to a better concentration and condition of the riders.
• During practice lessons on the lunge it is important to observe the respective riding colleagues in the group and to learn from this.
• The riding kindergarten is offered during the toddler weeks in summer and winter. If there is a toddler group of at least 4 participants outside of these dates, we will be happy to organize lessons.

Registration of indvidual riding lessens and riding packages

Open questions and wishes are gladly discussed daily at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm for half an hour 
in the Rösslstube in the riding stable. Postponements of the appointment times will be communicated by our riding instructor in good time. Cancellations please announce 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise they will be charged. We would like to point out that in the event of a delay, the lost time from subsequent bookings cannot be added on. Hourly divisions of pre-booked individual riding lessons or packages can be found at the reception.

Meeting Places

The meeting point for the riding lessons (with riding helmet) is 10 min. before the start of the riding session. If the riding starts at the full hour, we meet in the riding stable at the grooming area. If the riding lesson starts 20 minutes before or after the full hour, we meet directly in the riding hall or at the riding arena.

Boot room

Our shoe room is located in the basement of the hotel. Please stow the riding boots or riding utensils and also hiking boots simply in the existing locker provided with the respective room number.

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