The Ellmauhof Riding School in Salzburg

Learning horse riding is lots of fun!

The Ellmauhof Riding School in Salzburger Land offers beginners and advanced riders riding lessons and instruction with dressage, Cavaletti work, jumping and beginner's lungeing.

Long rides in the beautiful Pinzgau mountains are a real treat!

Number of horses

  • 20 Haflinger horses
  • 5 Icelandic horses
  • 4 ponies (two are dwarf ponies) 


Click here to see the current riding courses of the Ellmauhof Riding Academy


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Personnel qualifications:
Certified "Übungsleiter Reiten" ("riding trainers"), trail riding guides, supervisors 

Riding training
Dressage and jumping

Buggies and horse-drawn carriages, Bronze Carriage Medal

Carriage sport training
Not offered

Riding arena
25 x 45 metres, separate lungeing area

18 x 21 metres, lunging hall (small riding hall), covered pony carousel

For equestrians and guests who want to become one...

  • Trail riding to the Lindlingalm in spring and autumn
  • Trial rides on Haflinger and Icelandic horses
  • Week-long lessons for beginners to advanced riders from Monday to Friday
  • Horse riding, jumping lessons, Cavaletti, dressage and lungeing lessons
  • Pony rides at the carousel (daily in summer, in winter 2 times a week)


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One week riding courses for beginners and advanced riders in summer 2019

Here you will learn everything you need to know about horses. From proper horse care and various riding figures to bridling and saddling a horse. Here participants can really learn everything, starting from proper sitting posture and the correct way to hold the reins, to the most difficult dressage exercises and jumps over hurdles and other obstacles.

Our riding course consists of 7 to 13 units and is held from Monday to Friday.
Participants ride Haflinger and Icelandic horses.

Horse riding for beginners (13 units)

Horse care, riding lessons, saddeling in theory lessons, riding on the lunge. First train ride in the group, skill competition with certifiate

5 day course program
€ 170,-

Horse riding for intermediate riders (11 units)

Horse care, riding lessons, saddling in theory lessons, department riding, proper treat in step and trot. Learning riding figures, galloping, skill competition with certificate

5 day course program
€ 170,-

Riding course for intermediate advanced riders (11 units)

Horse care, riding lessons, department riding, proper sitting in the crotch, trot and galop. Learn how to ride in the group, gallop longe rides, skill competition with certificate

5 day course program
€ 180,-

Riding course for advanced riders (11 units)

Riding lessons, riding figures, training on the track (dressage, cavaletti, galop longe), 1 hour-rides, skill competition with certificate

5 day course program
€ 190,-

Riding course for experienced riders (12 units)

Short introduction to the stables and riding, intensive training in the advanced course (dressage, cavalleti, galop, jumping), 2 - 4 hour-rides, skill competition with certificate

5 day course program
€ 199,-

Riding course tasting (7 units)

Horse care and small riding theory; Saddling, guiding and riding a pony, first longe lessons on a large horse. Skill competition with certificate

4 day course program
€ 82,-

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